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Educational Consultant and Alternative Program Developer

Contact: (240) 446-1691

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Consulting Services
  • Time Out from School
  • Transition Services
  • Speaking Engagements,Special Research Projects, and Seminars
  • Expert Testimony

Read more about each of these services below. 

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Consulting Services. We offer full-service educational consulting services to help parents of special needs children coordinate with schools and navigate through the procedures and laws of the special education system.  These services include

  • working with school teams to develop, draft and monitor compliance of Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
  • helping parents determine the correct educational accommodations, services and placement for their child
  • staying abreast of current education laws and helping clients understand their rights and intervening appropriately when rights are being violated
  • providing expert testimony when appropriate, assisting in legal proceeding and due process hearings
  • assisting parents during times of crisis, including identifying appropriate therapeutic treatment centers, diagnostic units or similar treatment alternatives
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Time Out from School. This is our unique and signature program specially created for students who need a temporary break from their home school.  Located at Valley Mill Camp in Germantown, Maryland, the program was developed in 2011 and is comprised of a variety of activities including, but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • academic tutoring
  • horseback riding
  • outdoor adventure activities (climbing, hiking, kayaking, archery/air rifle)
  • opportunities for community service
  • chess
  • individual therapy available as needed

The program is customized for each individual or small groups of students.

Time Out from School will improve a student's self-esteem, help develop life-long skills, prevent residential treatment in certain cases and help promote family preservation.  We believe that multi-sensory, experiential opportunities are beneficial for all children, especially for children with disabilities. If this program sounds right for your child, please contact us today. 

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Transition Services.  Graduating from high school is an exciting time, but it is also stressful, especially for high school students with special needs. Eric Levine and his associates are experienced in developing results-oriented post high school plans based on each individual's strengths and interests.  Services include assistance with securing placement in higher education, vocational education, integrated employment, adult services, independent living placements, and community participation programs.  

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Speaking Engagements, Special Research Projects and Seminars.  Dr. Levine and his associates are available for educational training seminars and speaking engagements on a variety of topics related to special education, transition services, alternative educational programs and other related topics.   In addition, Dr. Levine has extensive experience leading research teams focusing on special education and juvenile justice.  Specifically, he is currently leading a study examining the disproportionality of minorities receiving special education services and another study on the effectiveness of a social skills and employability curriculum for incarcerated youth.   Please contact us to discuss whether our expertise can help benefit your organization.


Expert Testimony.  Dr. Levine is available to apply his years of direct and varied experience in a full range of litigation support services. These include confidential consulting expert work with attorneys and expert testimony in all types of hearing, discovery, and trial settings. His areas of expertise include: special education, behavior management, emotional and behavior disorders and residential treatment.